Do you know what’s in your database?


Last modified: 2011-02-28

When you are doing a release to production – do you always know what SQL objects should be in your database?

If someone were to ask what tables, sprocs, views etc should be present – could you easily tell them?

Ever had the experience where your dev team are all working off slightly different versions of a database? And when it comes to release time – no one knows for sure what should be the database?

If so, then the following short screencast, might be of interest.

It will show how DBTestUnit can help to avoid some of these issues.

(Screencast was created in Aug 2010)

Summary of how DBTestUnit can help
DBTestUnit can test that the correct SQL objects are present in the schema.

The sample SQLDatabase.cs shows how this can be done.

If an existing object is deleted/renamed or a new one created and the tests are not updated then they will fail.

If this type of test is also included as part of a database versioning strategy then this will effectively document what objects should be in each version of a database.