Feature set for MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle


Last modified: 2011-01-06

The following table shows the supported SQL dbms and testing features.

  MS SQL 2K MS SQL 2K5 MS SQL 2K8 MySQL 5.1 Oracle 10g express
Sprocs/functions Limited*
Sproc/function – test method – ParameterIsSameAsColumn ** ** **
Triggers N/A
Synonyms N/A N/A
Test data sets returned √***
Security and permissions √**** Limited √****

* MySQL 5.1 does not implement INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PARAMETERS. Therefore not all of the frameworks testing functionality is available. It was introduced in MySQL 5.5 – so will be included once this version of MySQL is supported by the framework.

** Not implemented yet – will be implemented in a later version.

***Does not support testing data returned from sprocs. Issue with MS Enterprise Library and Oracle sprocs. Hope to fix in a future release.

****SQLObjectPermission introduced in version will be implemented in a later version for Oracle. Will not be supported for MS SQL2K.