Version – – DBTestUnit released

Version of DBTestUnit has been released and can be downloaded from SourceForge.

This release implements the name change from ‘Database testing framework’ to ‘DBTestUnit’.

So what has changed?

There has been no change in overall functionality.

Basically, a number of components and namespaces have been changed to reflect the new name.

These include:

  • DatabaseTesting.dll renamed to DBTestUnit.dll.
    The test dll is now found in: …\Projects\DBTemplate\libs\DBTestUnit\
  • DatabaseTesting.ExportDBDataAsXML.exe renamed to DBTestUnit.ExportDBDataAsXML.exe.
    The exe is found in: …\DBTemplate\tools\ExportDBDataAsXML\
  • All sample tests have been updated to reference DBTestUnit.dll rather than DatabaseTesting.dll
  • All namespaces have been updated
  • eg

    using DatabaseTesting.UnitTestBaseClass.MSSQL;

    to d

    using DBTestUnit.UnitTestBaseClass.MSSQL;

    How does this effect using the framework?

    If you are a new user – none. Just download and start using.

    If you are using a previous version – there are a number of relatively minor steps that you will need to carry out if you want to start using the new ‘renamed’ version.

    1. Download the latest version – eg

    2. In your database testing solution remove all references to the ‘old’ DatabaseTest.dll.

    3. Add a reference to the new test dll – DBTestUnit.dll – found in ….\Projects\DBTemplate\libs\DBTestUnit\.

    4. Update any existing namespaces to reflect the new name ie do a ‘find and replace’ changing ‘DatabaseTest’ to ‘DBTestUnit’.


    using DatabaseTesting.InfoSchema;
    using DatabaseTesting.UnitTestBaseClass.MSSQL;


    using DBTestUnit.InfoSchema;
    using DBTestUnit.UnitTestBaseClass.MSSQL;

    5. Next you will need to change the test dll config file.

    In the sample project provided – which uses AdventureWorks database as an example – then the change would be applied to following config file:


    The following change would be made to reflect the changes in the internal namespaces of the testing framework.

    <add key="AssemblyName" value="DatabaseTesting"></add>
    <add key="DaoFactoryNamespace" value="DatabaseTesting.InfoSchema.DataAccess.MSSQL"></add>


    <add key="AssemblyName" value="DBTestUnit"></add>
    <add key="DaoFactoryNamespace" value="DBTestUnit.InfoSchema.DataAccess.MSSQL"></add>

    6. The final part is if you use the XML export tool found in:


    For this, it is probably easier to just take a copy of the latest version of this from the download.

    Make sure that you take a back up of your existing config files as you will need to incorporate them into the ‘vanilla’ config files from the new download.

    And that’s it.

    If you have any problems ‘upgrading’ feel free to contact me.


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