Version – – database testing framework released

A new version has been released – it can be downloaded from SourceForge

There are no changes to the DatabaseTesting.dll

ExportDBDataAsXML – is now part of the framework and can be found in the following dir:

A number of new sql scripts – that create default SQL objects that I add to all databases – have been included and can be found in the following dir:

The table below outlines the main ones:

SQL object type Name Overview
Table EventLog General purpose logging table for both database and if appropriate application events. Sprocs included to log data into this table.
Table BuildVersion Used to track database schema changes and can help correlate with application versions.
Trigger tr_DDL_Event Captures any DDL events and logs them in dbo.EventLog.
Function fn_CheckSum_TableConstraint, fn_CheckSum_Routine, fn_CheckSum_TableViewColumn Returns checksum values based on db schema.

These values are then stored in dbo.BuildVersion.

Can use these to very quickly check that the schema is as expected.

Sproc p_ExtendedProperty_Insert Wrapper sproc around sys.sp_updateextendedproperty.

Makes it a little easier to add extended properties whilst creating SQL scripts.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who also has any ‘default’ SQL objects that they add to all databases.

Last modified: 2010-07-18


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