What’s included in the DBTestUnit download

Last modified: 2011-02-28

The DBTestUnit download includes:

  • DBTestUnit.dll. This library is referenced by unit tests and is the API used to test databases.
    It’s primary objective being to abstract away as much of the boiler plate code associated with database testing as possible.
  • ExportDBDataAsXML. An exe that allows data – based on queries/execs set in a config file – to be exported from a db as XML. This is used when testing the data returned from SQL objects.
  • Visual studio solution and database testing project template. To help get developers get started in setting up new database testing projects.
  • A number of samples C# tests – for testing tables, views, sprocs and functions.
  • SQL helper files – gets properties of a database and can be used to help auto generate C# db unit tests for existing/legacy databases.
  • MBUnit – the default unit test framework used – though others such as NUnit could be used.
  • All other support files, libraries, project directory structure.


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