Prereqs – what you need to use DBTestUnit

Last modified: 2011-02-28

See related blog – What’s included in the download

To start using DBTestUnit – you just need to reference DBTestUnit.dll and then start using it in your database tests.

The purpose of the table below is to outline what is required for other ‘components’ of the DBTestUnit download.

Supported SQL dbms See supported feature set
SQL helper file Predominantly for MS SQL2K5/8 – though there are some for Oracle.
Solution/project template Built using Visual Studio 2K10 express edition. The project solution template should work with other versions of VS.

Unit test samples are in C#.

Unit testing framework MBUnit 2.41

This and other required external libraries are included in the DBTemplate download.

Other unit testing frameworks – eg NUnit – could be used.


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